• Yezki HutagalungJum'at, 04 September 2015

    what a really great public speaking festival..you know whats really great i am the second winner that was pretty cool haha..because of that so i can learn all about public speaking things at Academy RMC.. i learned one things from this festival..i learned fashion is pretty important to public speaker.and once again this is a great public speaking competition...if you think you're cool enough to be a public speaker..or you think you are a great MC host or anything..just prove it here its worth it..

  • Nindya NadineJum'at, 04 September 2015

    this is where my dreams built :) thank you for all the chances. I never imagined that i can be a winner of this event. For me, that is sucha hope. Honestly, i tried to jump from my comfort zone since winning this. why? there's something changes for sure. responsibility, pride, and support which enlighten my world. that words look too much but it truly affects my life now. awalnya ga percaya sama event ini karena ada beberapa kesalahan teknis yang menyebabkan keraguan itu muncul. but, overall, yap keren deh. dateng lomba mc, langsung dpt komentar, seperti audisi.